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p.m. >> breaking news out of dulles international airport. is reporting a bomb threat was called in. police began their investigation. that investigation is centered in two parking garages in the -- and the daily rises remain closed. the mta authority said no planes were evacuating and flights are operating normally. now to our big story. the orioles postseason reaches its final homestand of the regular season. >> jerry sandusy has more on this exciting race. >> the orioles jailed 4-0. you almost expect them to pull out a win. magic does that happen every night. that includes tonight. they won 4-1, but lose the
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nightcap 9-5. still looking good for a postseason game for the first time since 1997. 6th inning. o's load the bases. taylor. out at the plate. top of the seventh. jp -- leaves his mark on this one. a grand slam home run. left field. went on to knock off the orioles and a nightcap,09-5. the final stretch race. the minnesota twins, no match for the yankees. they lead. it will give you an update on the a la carte races at the last week of the homestand continues. that is a little later on. >> thank you. he will appear on the ellen showed moderate the baltimore
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"batman" made an appearance last night at the ravens came to protest bullying. but there are consequences. sheldon joins us live from camden yards for he also made an opening day appearance. >> there sure are consequences to behavior like this. mark harvey as it charges after that incident on opening day but he is since been banned from camden yards. all that and not stop him from making a comeback this weekend. this time, the part of the charges were more serious. for better or worse, mark harvey made in it for himself on opening day when he ran onto the field wearing nothing but as black cape and his underwear. he was arrested for this on field appearance but it did not stop him from maki a comeback. this time, it was that m &t bay stadium while the ravens played the patriots. >> it was almost half time he did it. i heard all this noise and a turnaround in the sky was running across the field. >> what was going on in the
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stands? >> it was more lasting than anything else. >> he wore "batman" underwear and a cake with ellen degenere'' face on it. -- and a cape with ellen degenere's face on it. he also have the he"don't be a bully -- he also had the ully,ge, don't be a b the super hero. >> did turn over to the custody of the baltimore city police department. >> he was arrested and faces a number of charges, including disturbing the peace and trespassing. >> it is just a silly thing. people have to have better sense. they are not going to get away with it. >> dozens of signs like these are posted all over the stadium and tandem yards, warning people not to go on the field.
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officials say it is a violation they take seriously because it poses a threat to players and staff. if you are thinking of following his lead, may want to think twice. >> enjoy the game from your seat. we ask that fans does not trespass on to the field. if they do, they will be arrested and prosecuted. >> mark harvey will get another national shout out tomorrow. the tech that show right here on tv 11. -- you can catch that show right here on tv 11. >> the emotional play of torrey smith last night. the wide receiver turned in an unbelievable effort, less than 24 hours after receiving word that his 19-year-old brother kevin had been killed in a motorcycle accident. now a tweet from a patriot fans caused a firestorm on twitter.
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they to the wide receiver -- how about you call your bro and tell him about your -- oh, wait, too soon? an enormous backlash is received. the person who uses the account has since switched her counted private. -- her account to private. a spokesperson says they are not sure of the person was a johns hopkins employee but says -- the comment made light of the family lost and does not represent the johns hopkins community. >> acting police commissioner anthony board still is sticking medical leave and will be out indefinitely. his absence is effective immediately. he took the reins of the force earlier this year following the
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retirement of his previous commissioner. his name was officially nominated at the city council meeting. a hearing has not yet been scheduled. it baltimore police spokesman said the department expects bart still to return after his recovery. the reason for medical leave has not yet been revealed. this is followed the retirement of jesse owden, and had a criminal investigation division. >> an officer was forced to issue a robbery suspect after a confrontation with a fellow officer. it unfolded around 4:30 in sw baltimore. it found a man who matched the description of the suspected robber neil -- robber neal yale ave. a struggle broke out. >> the suspect engaged one of the officers, they got into a
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physical confrontation. he pulled out a weapon. and backup officers saw the officer and the suspect. he withdrew its service weapon and fired at least one shot in defense of that officer. >> the suspect is a dentist serious but stable condition with a gunshot wound to the stomach -- the suspect is in serious but stable condition with gunshot wound to the stomach. in baltimore county officer is also -- also on routine suspension after his embalm in a deadly shooting. it happened in dundalk. a 22-year-old from texas became combative and reached for the officer's gun. authorities say a second officer identified only as officer hines initially but for pepper spray to calm him down but said the men did not stop appearing for their safety, the officer,lopez who died at the scene. the officer is an 11 year veteran of the force and had not been involved in previous
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shootings. >> police are looking for a gunman while seven others are facing charges and the connection to it we can brawl following a private event in tulsa. organizers had to turn people away. investigators said several fights between patrons broke out as a result. authorities estimate approximately 2500 people were in the area the12:30 sunday morning. tensions mounted. several were arrested at a trout to clear the backlog -- crowds. -- and they tried to clear the crowd. a 20-year-old man told officers he was shot. he said a dark colored car pulled up beside him and a black male open fire. police believe the shooting is connected to the mob. >> the stabbing at a baby -- of a baby at hand for all mother
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has prompted security changes. it includes the addition of metal detectors and metalba -- and mandatory bag searches. the are also putting surveillance cameras in family meeting rooms. >> it is increased our confidence that we have the support of the secretary administration. we care that they are safe at work. but baltimore city has 16 dss sites in various stages of having their security upgraded. >> amtrak is planning for a train affected -- trains that could cut train time from baltimore to boston in half. >> the questions involved in
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this issue remain whether or not the high-speed trains could moat -- open a more lucrative opportunities for baltimore and whether those trains would close the gap between trains and airplanes. commuters stream off the train from d.c. to baltimore, most believed they did not have to fight the beltway. >> sometimes you can be inconvenienced because yet to think about gas, traffic, parking. >> travelers from new york said they chose amtrak over the plate for convenience. like the airports, this security checkpoints, much easier in a train station. >> amtrak is trying to capitalize on those reasons by closing the gap between trains and planes. they are launching high-speed trails to expedite service. the goal is to raise speed from the current 130 mph to 220 over
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the next decade, cutting current travel time in half. >> it would be a major enhancement for the baltimore area and the reason for many to live here. >> able the the product would entice more baltimore residents -- they believe it would and ties more baltimore residents. >> by tying us in with places like philadelphia, and york, boston, a critz a lot of economic opportunity for business expansion. >> we have a large presence here. it would be easier in and out and more apt we would be to come down from a year. >> amtrak estimates the overall cost $9 billion a year over 10 years. the one loser in all this could be the airline industry. >> it started as just a trader
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joe's have a recall but now it is spread far and wide to other products. the items you need to check for in your pantry to request a yourbillinb practice that affect you. -- pantry. >> a billing practice that could affect you. >> temperatures beginning to drop. 51 at the airport. 61 downtown.
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hqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhq >> a consumer alert last week -- peanut butter recall at trader
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joe's because of salmonella. additional products may be linked to that outbreak. the manufacturer of the valencia creamy peanut butter has recalled to more products. here is what e to look out for -- peanut butter with roasted flax seed and allman the butter with roasted flax seed. officials say it is not known of these products are being sold in maryland. if you want to see a complete list, go to click on news. >> regulators are investigating a controversial billing practice that allows bge to charge even when power is out. there is an outrage following the june derecho. david collins has the latest on what the pse is considering. >> the june 29th read joe
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montana power to as many as 762, 000 bge the rise. most thought that would get a break on their bills. but maryland regulators allow our companies to recoup lost billing during the first 24 hours of an outage. only during a major event, which is defined by having as having as many as 100,000 customers without power. the derecho caught the e -- caused bge $629,000. the fee is only applied to the first 24 hours. >> we have fixed expenses. this is all about our ability to continue to reinvest in the infrastructure. and whether there is a director, a hurricane or anything align those lines -- along those lines, still have a fixed cost. >> consumers are outraged.
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they complain to the psc about the cost of replacing food, medical expenses, hotel rooms, for example. >> will be heard from customers -- what we heard from customers4 >> status but was intended to encourage energy conservation. in windsor, the adjustments -- in winter, the adjustments service credit. bge give customers a rebate when their power is out. they said they are providing consumers rock bottom prices and the billing adjustment fee is a bargain. >> $32 a month for every residential customer. [inaudible] >> the decision was made today however the psc pledged to rule
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on the issue soon. >> your 11 insta weather plus forecast. >> the second full day of fall start with temperatures. almost freezing out in western maryland. 35 up until the mountains. low 40's through south-central pa, parts of the eastern shore. ocean city -- 44. south burry, a chilly 47. -- salisbury, a chilly 47. 60 id bwi today. -- at bwi today. the morning low at 51 is our current temperature as well. two years ago, but were talking excruciating summer heat. 95 degrees late september of 2010. 39, the record low. the sky is generally clear.
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it boasted that with overnight with light winds. temperatures will continue to cool. 55 the debt of chester town. -- 55 in chester town. low 50's downtown. high pressure passing south of us. it will produce a fantastic day tomorrow. it will be vulnerable to a fund from the great lakes. these will combine and move in our direction with a chance of showers. if you like the cool weather, get outside and enjoy tomorrow. the first clouds arriving tomorrow afternoon as the weather system developed. maybe a sprinkle tomorrow night but a better chance for showers on wednesday in the afternoon. that front heading across the area. it looks like it will drop in virginia. partly cloudy skies for thursday. basically a dry day thursday around here. good weather for football in the evening. that front will stall to the
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south. a chance for showers friday and into the weekend. tomorrow, sunshine and highs of 71-76. on the bay, the winds will be increasing. gust at 20 knots. is small craft advisory, especially in the afternoon. western maryland, mike tomorrow rigell, 62. a shower likely in western maryland. eastern shore, mass weather. almost 80 wednesday before the showers arrive in the afternoon. a couple of nice days there. temperature is in the 70's. though humidity. 7 day forecast -- 74 tomorrow. about normal for this time of year. 79 with an afternoon shower on wednesday. mostly cloudy with a little sun for ravens football during the day. the evening, temperatures cooler. shower chances return friday and lateinto the weekend.
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>> we showed you have the orioles did their doubleheader. coming up, see how the 80's perform. -- the yankees perform. lottery. tonight's multi matched jackpot -- $700,000. 43, 16, 5, 29, 7, and 3. 43, 16, 5, 29, 7, and 3. if you match all 6, the next drawing is thursday night at 11:22. for the latest,-
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this >> is 11 sports. >> the orioles continued their
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postseason push. only three days off in september. a double header against the blue jays. eight games but in the regular season. still looking strong to make the first trip to the playoffs in 15 years. despite dropping to toronto. great night for a ball game. they really are catching on.
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pick up the action in the 5th. going left field for his fieldho9mer -- 5th homer of the season. 4-3, toronto. for top of the 7th. homers. one is a tough one. grand slam shot. the make the ball doesn't for toronto. -- the mega ball does it for toronto. jeff to end the 2nd. bottom of the 4th.
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man on board. not anymore. run home run. the orioles were sailing. at that point. bottom of the 5th. my of clarity at the plate. the left-handed. gone left center field. orioles. top of the 8th. daren't a day strikes out kelly johnson. -- darrnen oday strikes out kelly johnson. the yankees taking advantage of the minnesota twins. first inning. 2 run shot.
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3-0, new york. out of the 4th. 27 yard squeeze for the winner.
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the ravens have already refocused on getting ready to play again -- against cleveland. a couple days from now. thursday night. > two things are important -- operation and recovery. those two things. ticket back cannot seat to the upper -- cannot take a back seat
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>> jay: hey david, congratulations on "hotel transylvania." i've gotta admit though, you never really struck me as a a scary guy. >> well, jay, there's a lot of different sides to me. >> jay: yeah, right. >> you'd be surprised, jay. i'm very versatile. [ screams ] >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno,"

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